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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Do you hate Grocery Shopping

Sometimes do you feel like your in a daze at the grocery store. Well I do it overwhelms me to see all the products and I end up impulse shopping. My husband would tell me, Kelley make a list of what we need and purchase those items only. He told me this because when I would buy stuff we really didn't need and it would go bad. Produce is the worlds worst to go in the garbage if you don't use it. I have learned over the years to save money and to save food from wasting away. I wanted to do this blog because I wanted people not to throw away there money. Here are some tips that might help you in the long run because it is not fun to feel like your trash can is getting more use than your fridge.

1. Make a menu of dinners for a week if you shop every two weeks then make a two week planner
look in your freezer for all the meat you have and plan dinner around that. You don't want the meat in your freezer to go bad so use it.

2. Make a list
Look in your cabinets and fridge not glance really look and pull out food to use don't waste I promise it will save you money.

3. Coupons
It is always great to have coupons for items you need. Your local paper usually sends a paper on Wednesday for free or you can purchase one once a week for some savings I also have some websites that you can go to.

4. Canning
You can save money in the long run if you make your own sauces and jelly. It is so easy to do these things.

5. Produce
When picking out produce purchase what you need in your menu and hearty fruits like apples and oranges they last awhile.

6. Cheese
When buying cheese you can purchase large bags of shredded cheese you can put half in a qallon zip lock to put in your fridge and the other half you can freeze. I do this all the time and it helps.

7. milk and bread
You can purchase bread at Sams or bakery outlets or even at your local grocery store buy what is on sale and get several loafs because you can freeze both items. Also you can bake your own bread to save money if you like baking.

8. Can goods
Purchase what is necessary you can go over the top with can goods and sometimes they sit forever in your cabinets. I have had can fruit in my cabinet for over 8 years lol. Plus if you get just what you need you can have a well organized cabinet.

9. Pizza
You can buy a pre made pizza and throw it in your freezer or you can make your own pizza dough or buy dough that is $1 and you probably already have cheese and sauce and a can of sauce is 20 cents to 40 cents and it only takes one can to do the job just add what toppings you want.

10. Meat
Buy what is on sale and when you have meat in your freezer you can plan meals for the week sometime when I am shopping for our meals if I see a really good deal on meat I get it for next time then plan dinner on that.

Food is what you make of it and it is up to you how you want save your family some money.
Time and time again my husband would say how much did you spend and I would tell him $200
and then he would say on what then I would get all upset because I knew I was in the wrong. I wasted a lot of money on things that would either go bad or things that were on an impulse. I have a wonderful husband whom has taught me many things on how to save us money. and I have a cabinet that looks like a well organized plan. I can find all the ingredients I need for a fabulous meal.

You to can have all these things I have shared the best advice is to plan ahead it helps me.
So go out there and shop the smart way. Save time and money by making a list of the possible instead of the impossible.

This is what I did this week!

I looked in my cabinet and fridge and freezer. I found we had 2 packages of ground turkey, a roast, thin stir-fry steak and a box of chicken pot pie for the days I know we are busy I do buy a quick meal on the go because I would rather spend $3 dollars instead of $30 for a family of four at a fast food place. I then planned my week because we would only be home Monday though Thursday.
Monday- spaghetti, garlic bread and a salad. I had french bread in my freezer.
Tuesday- beef stir-fry with wonton crisps. I had wontons in my lunch meat drawer
Wednesday-crock pot roast and salad left over from Monday.
Thursday- Easy chicken pot pie

This is one great week of meals I bought lunch meat for sandwiches for the week and my kids like ramen noddles I also have peanut butter and jelly for them to make them sandwiches. We have can tuna and tortilla wraps to change it up a bit. Breakfast is easy around my house cereal or oatmeal and sometimes Eggo waffles.
With this plan I gave you I only spent $25.00 on a weeks worth of food. I used a coupon for a box of cereal. I even made my Hubby happy lol so go check out what is in your freezer because I did and enjoyed doing it and saving money.



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