Can I Ask You Something??????

Saturday, August 27, 2011

True friends are few and far between

What does it mean to be a TRUE friend?
What do you look for in a TRUE friend?

I've had to ask my self these two questions lately. A true friend to me is someone who is there for you no matter what. Who doesn't judge you for the things you say, do or how you act. Is your shoulder to cry on when you are sad for whatever reason and Someone to laugh with when you need a good laugh.Someone you can tell all of your secrets & stories to and trust that they will keep them to their self. I can honestly say I believe people come into your life for a reason. No matter If its for a good reason or bad reason. Some people have gone out of my life as fast as they have come in. Others have stayed in my life for more then half of my life. It's hard that the 2 best friends I have live so far away from me. One in Colorado and the other in Florida.
These two girls totally understand me and are there for me even that they are so far away. I've always tired to be there for Lori & Jen as they have been there for me. I hope you girls know how much I love y'all and want to thank y'all for always being there for me!!


  1. You have always and will always be my best friend. No matter if we was right down the road or 4 states away. You have always been my rock... the one I will always run to when life is just too much and for all the happy moments! I love you kk. Thanks for being my true meaning of a best friend! *HUGS*

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