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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School !!!!! JJ's first few days of pre k

Well its that time again for all the children to go back to school,  for  some kids they went for the very first time....My son Jackson had his first day of school yesterday. Bryan took off of work so that we could both take him to school. Jackson did really well didnt cry at all. I was alittle worried on how he would be after we left and the teacher  told me he was fine. It was very quite just having Parker at home yesterday morning. Parker kept asking where Bubba was. I would tell him Bubba is at school. So Parker would walk around the house saying Bubba Cool (school). Then when it was time for us to leave to go pick Jackson up from school. I told Parker lets go get Jackson from school Parker was so excited to go bye bye and get his bubba. We had many phone calls from Jackson's Cha Cha and Nana to see how his first day of school was. He was glad to be home. I asked him what he did at school and he said "oh i just ate lunch thats all" and i said well did you read, color and do any work and he said "nope mom just ate lunch". Well he was getting alittle crabby later in the afternoon so he took a nap and then that was a HUGE mistake he didnt want to go to bed until 9pm. when he's bed time is 8pm.

Today he wanted to ride the bus so i let him ride the bus to school with all the other kids from our road. He was a little nervous to get on the bus, once he got on the bus he was fine...He got dropped off at 12:30 from school and he was very happy... and i asked him if you wanted to ride the bus tomorrow and he said "momma im gonna ride the bus every day" I asked him if he was sure then he said OH YES MOMMA...

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