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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Justic for Caylee... Not yet...

Im pretty sure everyone is sick of hearing about the CASEY ANTHONY TRIAL, but we all need to remember what this is truely about CAYLEE thats who. This precious 2yr old little girl didnt do anything wrong.I'm pretty sure im going to get on my soap box about this and im sorry in advance. Firstly, I believe that Caylee got no justic from this trial. But this is only one judge that knows what happens and can judge casey one day.. she will have to answer for what she did or didnt do, and so will anyone who was involved... I'm just asking everyone who reads this please remember that CAYLEE is the one who lost her life and was thrown in a swamp... Im pray that she comes to her senses and tells the truth... one day

Secondly, i feel the celebrating by the defence was way to much, if you wanted to celebrate "your win" you could of done it else where. Not in front of camera and reporters. I also feel that the jury was pourly selected..this is my opion.. But i think the jury rushed through the verdict because they wanted to just go home or go where ever.

Everyone please if you do nothing else after reading this post please kiss, hug and thank the good lord for your children, family and friends, because they could be gone in a second...

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