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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trukid Trubaby TruVillage Healthy Skincare

I'm always looking for the best kid products for my little ones.Finding all natural products are hard to find. My youngest has senstive skin so we struggle with choosing product to use in our home for him. I recently found a company called TRUKID, they are an all natural & organic hair, body and skin care products for kids. TruKid has products such as shampoo, lotion, soap, sunscreen. Trubaby is products for babies and Truvillages is for grown-ups. You can find all of these great products at .

My oldest loves to wash his hands now because he has been using Trukid hand soap,his favorite color is blue which helps because the bottle of the soap is blue. I never knew the color of a bottle could get my son to wash his hands.(yeah to trukid for making the bottle blue thanks).My oldest learns by having fun and retains the information by hearing the same thing over and over again or doing the same action over again. My oldest has been telling me lately "momma dont for get the SUNSTIN" thats how is he says SUNSCREEN.

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