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Monday, May 30, 2011

memorial day

Today is memorial day! I would like to thank all the service men & women for everything they do & remember the ones that are no longer with us. Warriors Weekend is a way that our town helps out injured soldiers by taken them fishing, building homes for them and many other things. One of our local churches let the community use their property for the Field of Honor. You can buy a flag in honor or memory of a loved one. I did just that I brought a flag in memory of my dad, who we lost 10months ago to a heart attack. My dad was in the Navy.He was on the ship USS Enterprise. He was also a post commander in Corpus Christi, Texas at the VFW!

Bryan was off today because of memorial day, he went to the store this am for gas for lawn mower and our friends dad who is a volunteer firefighter was at the store giving out little flag. Bryan got two for the boys and we put Jackson's at the end of the road and Parker wanted to try to eat his.Bryan mowed the yard while the boys were swimming. While Bryan was mowing backyard and kids were in the house( napping/ watching tv) we saw a HUGE rat in our yard half the size of my dog!!!! I wanted to scream. That's the biggest rat I've ever seen...I told Bryan we need a cat now that lives outside to fix that problem.... We also got ole yeller home yesterday. Bryan has a 63 ford f-100 he's going to start to restore. Tonight we got the seat out and cleaned out inside of truck....
We also went to Seadrift last night and ate dinner then went to my cousins house in Poc

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