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Friday, February 18, 2011

What' for dinner????

What's for dinner? This is always a phrase spoken in our house in a daily basis. We are tired of eating the same thing every meal! I have even made menu's for my family,but once you have made every recipe you know you are back to square one.

This is were Lori's recipe finds ( come in handy. I recently found her blog and love it! There are Alot of recipes from very easy to difficult. Depends on the mood you are in and what food you are wanting it's there!

Getting help from other blog mom is great if it's dinner ideas, blog tips, mommy talk or just to chit chat!!! Lori's blog is easy to use. The regular recipe websites / blogs are confusing. For me as a SAHM juggling everyday life I don't have time for going on a recipe hunt done! So go check out Lori's blog

Tell her that the coupon cutie sent you!!!!


  1. What an awesome blog ;)

    I'm following from bloggy moms.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation to Lori's blog! I'm always looking for different things to have for dinner.

    Following you from Bloggy Moms!

  3. Thanks for the follow. My facebook page is

    I am looking forward to getting ideas for dinner!

  4. Funny, I had a similar blog post. Isn't dinner just the worst when it comes to new ideas? I follow lisa's recipe finds too. Saw you on Bloggy Moms. I am also a new blogger. Following you now.

  5. Cute blog! :o) I struggle with what's for dinner too. Tonight I think I'm making chili..or maybe red beans and rice.. hmmm.

    Stopping by and following from Bloggy Moms! :)

    (and I have a coupon blog too, hehe, but really trying to get more followers at Flip Flop ^^)

  6. Following you from bloggy moms. Check out my blog:

  7. I'm always on the look out for new recipes! Thanks for sharing the blog. I'm following from Bloggy Moms, hope you can stop by my home on the web! I'm also heading over to follow you on Facebook.