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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let's Do Lunch with Easy Lunchbox Systems

Who wants a fast and easy way for your family to have a healthy lunch vs fast food?

I believe in making homemade lunches gives you and your kids more choices vs eating whatever the school or work cafateria is serving. Packing lunches for your family saves your family money.With using Easy Lunchbox System we as parents can portion out what and how much our kids are eating. Parents can also make the healthier choice in food for their kids vs eating (What we call in our house JUNK). Its also good for when you have a picky eater in your house like i do. The Easy LunchBox System are even great for long car rides which you can put your kids snacks in. They come in 4 different colors so everyone can have their "OWN" container. Which is a plus in my house we have to have two of everything...( i have two boys so they dont like to share)The Easy Lunchbox System has kid friendly lids, thats a plus in my house because my oldest is very indepentant.. Im sure all of you mom's out there know how that goes.. Easy Lunchbox Systems are eco-friendly and BPA free.

Here are the link for Easy Lunch System!!

Web series called Let's Do Lunch

Please check them out on you tube


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  2. thanks for the tip - i love BPA free stuff for my kids too..

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  3. EasyLunchboxes on YouTube here is their link

  4. These look great!! Fellow Texan here following from MBC!