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Thursday, July 28, 2011

crappy week or just bad luck

Crappy week or Just bad luck

It all started last Monday...We woke up on Bryan's day off to a very hot house. The ac was not working so we called landlord to have someone to come in fix it. Which didn't get fixed till Wednesday! We were grateful that is was fixed and that we were able to be home.

Wednesday I got a text message from a friend that her dad passed away, :( Was unexpected and wasn't suppose to happen. Praying for you n your family Vanessa.

Friday Night July 22nd 2011 I went to Vanessa's Dad's visitation. Thinking this would be an end to a very sad/ upsetting week boy was i wrong.

Saturday july 23rd 2011 we went out with another friend and trying to have a good time and all i could think about How in the world could it be a yr since my dad passed away doesn't seem like it , feels like it happened yesterday. I know he's better now and not suffering anymore about anything. But I miss him more and more everyday.

Sunday: July 24th 2011
One yr since my dad passed away!!!!

I got a call from my mother in law, (the boys had spent the night w her) for me to meet her in town to put up the boys. So on our way back home Jackson wanted to listen to Pa Dude's song...( my dad use to sing karaoke ). So i turned the cd on his friend made me of him singing after he passed away. As i was driving home Jackson started crying and I asked him what was wrong? He said mommy I really miss my Pa Dude, I said baby I miss him to but he's always with you and he lives in your heart. Jackson said well mommy I'll always miss him & Pa Dude was a really good man.. ( The things my son comes up with)!
So we get home to find a broken ac again... Finally get it fixed and it doesn't broke again!!!!!!!!

Tuesday. July 26th 2011
Went to town n meet my mom at the mall to find Jackson a bedspread, he wants a pirate room. So we were on a mission & completed our mission found a bed in a bag.. Jackson picked out a blue, gray n black striped bed spread.
We were headed to my moms house and guess what happened we were in a wreck, that's right a wreck! We were traveling south on sam houston
And were hit on drivers side of the car and were pushed up onto the curb by a jeep. Boys were with me in their car seats( thank god for car seats). My shoulder was hurting so Bryan took me to the er to get it checked out had xrays done and nothing broken. So glad we were all ok. Now my car is another story not sure what's wrong with it or how long it will be to fix it.

Wednesday: Woke up feeling like I got beat up but with out all the bruises. So I went to the doctor to make sure i didn't have any other injuries. Since the er only checked my shoulder. My doc said I'm ok and will be sore for the next few days for sure! Praying that I feel better soon.... I'm very stiff :(

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