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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

what's the best methods of getting your kids to sleep & sleep through the night?

What's the best method of getting your kids to sleep and sleep through the night?

A friend of mine asked me about what different methods we use to get our boys to sleep. But what works for some kids doesn't work for others. There are many different methods such as bath, book and then bed, ( which worked great when my oldest was little). My youngest is still easy to go to bed.( hopefully it stays that way). With this method my oldest wants "just one more book please" sometimes I give in. On nights I don't want to fight with him I let him watch tv until he goes to sleep and then take him to his bed. Another method is let them cry it out!? I did this some also, when he couldn't get out of the baby bed. My youngest has done this a few times as well! Crying out in the middle of the night is another problem we have had with the baby. It could be a nightmare, growing pains, teeth, getting sick. You never truly know. trail and error is a good method!!! (haha) We have even laid down with our oldest and all he does is talk to us.( so that method for him going to bed doesn't work) please feel free to include your methods or what works for your family. Every families methods are different and have to do what works for you!!!! Just don't give up!!


  1. Hi! New follower via Who in the world? blog hop.

    My 2 year old slept great until we put her in a big girl bed... then she would just run out of her room and say "Hi" with a grin on her face.

    Then she did great, then hubby returned from deployment and she started getting up again.

    We just take her by the hand and walk her back to bed in silence a few times. Then after the 3rd time, the second she opens the door we either clap loudly, or say "Charlotte!" in a loud hush, and scoot her back to bed.

    It eventually works.

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  3. been years for us. but we just sat with our daughter. Said our prayers. Read her stories. And patted or rubbed her back. At 24 yrs old I can still pat her back and she tells me to stop as it puts her to sleep.