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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just Weight

Today is guest post day for coupon cutie! I love to announce my dear friend lori started "Just Weight"!!! If you just read it, join us, or even pass it on for someone else to read!!!!

Just Weight!

This is an unusual journey of weight loss and self awareness. And is
any of you would like to join us, please email me at

Here is all the juicy details:

This program is for the faint hearted, the NON-calorie, carb and fat
counters, and the "oops I forgot to stop at the gym....again" folks.
There are a lot of us out there. And as much as I would love to say
that I enjoy working out and find time, I can't. Or that I ALWAYS eat
the healthiest foods and can just say no to more helpings of pizza,
even when I am feeling low, I can't. But, as I giggle, I have a
feeling of hope for my plump butt and slightly over hanging tummy. I
have had tons of (skinny) people and doctors tell me to "just watch
what you eat", as if it was that easy. Well, my idea is to take that
bit of advice and apply it in a literal sense. Starting March 14th,
2011, I (and anyone who wants to join) will be taking snap shots of
EVERYTHING I eat. From a handful of candy to full meals, it will be
pictured and blogged. My hope in this process, I will SEE all the
things I eat, especially the things that I don't even really know that
I put in my mouth. Not only will I be able to see the quantity and
quality of my intake, but I will have to stop and take pictures of it,
causing me to either take multiple pics of more helpings or not take
any more. I am also self conscious and knowing that hundreds (or
more) of my readers will see my bad eating habits and thus I will
think twice before eating those "snacks". My journey will continue on
until I succeed in "watching" what I eat and become a healthier me. I
will also be logging beverages, and any exercise that I can get in, my
weight through the process will also be logged. I am excited to begin
my journey and hope you will be here to support me and maybe join in
the fun.

If you would like more info on how we will be logging our journey,
please email me at . My accomplices in this
will be given a "code" name and the privilege of deciding what they
would like blogged about them, with the exception of the food pics,
ALL of those have to be blogged. My blogger friends have the choice of
either blogging their story on their blog OR mine OR both.

My week will be Sunday-Saturday, food pictures will be blogged every
Sunday morning. This last week is already up on the website
( So keep checking back and
follow my progress (or lack of, lol) I also have a Facebook Fan page
for you to follow along

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