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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tips for all the parents of picky eaters

Tips to get your children to veggies and fruit. I'm sure I'm not the only one in the world that has a PICKY EATER! After I wrote my first post about this I got comments about needing tips on how to get kids to eat veggies and fruit!!!

Food Guide Pyramid Guidelines
3-5 servings of veggies
2-4 servings of fruit in a day
I know my kids nor do I eat this much in a day. Here are a few ways I'm going to try to get my kids to eat their veggies & fruit.

1.) let my kids help with meals, & let them pick out food at the store! (if they think it's their idea, they be more likely to eat it)

2.) Have a make your own smoothie party!
Mix things they will eat and things they don't like when mixed together they won't see it!!

3.)Go on a recipe hunt for new and fun ways to get kids to eat!

For once you should let them "play" with there food, If it helps them eat it why not!!

4.)Start a garden at home or take them to a farmers market( explain to them about garden or market) add education in doesn't hurt either!

5.) let the kids dip the veggies in dressing & make fruit salad! Make fruits and veggies into shapes (more learning)


  1. My kids love fruit! They will pick fruit over fries anyday. Some things we do here:

    1) We do go to the farmers market and the kids can touch and pick out their own fruit

    2) In the spring we pick strawberries at the farmers market and make jelly and bread...

    3) For snack time, get a cupcake pan and fill it with all different kids of fruits and veggies. set it out, where the kids can reach, for about 30 minutes...they will obviously eat all of their favorites first...then wrap it up and put it out the next day, they may say, well I don't like it...say, well, this is snack and if you're hungry you may eat it, if not dinner will be in a few hours...The point is to introduce new foods to them, expose them to the usual, and get the to at least taste all of them it's super healthy and you wont feel guilty for snacking with them either!
    (Ideas to fill it with: strawberries, grapes, sliced bananas, oranges, kiwi, mango (my kids fav!), gold fish, cheese sticks-sliced, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower (you can even buy the purple kind), yellow, red, and/or green name a few. Do not serve these with any want your children to appreciate the naturaly flavors of these yummy foods!

    3)My kids fav!! Making fruit smoothies. buy mixed frozen fruit in a bag, use 1 c. Orange juice, 1 c. grape or blueberry juice, then fill with as much frz fruit as you want to make as thick as you want, blend, will need thick straws if your kids like it as thick as mine do :)

    Just some things I do...Hope you enjoy.

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