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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is Showering Or Bathing with your kids wrong?

I have two boys ages 3 & 1. This has never been a issue in our house. My oldest has taken a shower with my husband or me. It easy just to put my oldest into the shower with one of us. Kill two birds with one stone. I dont see what the problem is, as long as the parent is ok with it and the children are little( in my opinion). I believe only sick and twisted people would see a problem with a parent or even sibling taken a bath or shower with each other. Mulitasking is a every day thing in my house. Baths are a every day thing in my house and bathing the both of them at the same time saves time, water and energy. Im always trying to find time to combaine tasks in my everyday life! Please let me know your outlook on this subject thanks for reading


  1. I am a new follower via follow me chickadee. I used to bath with my daughter, but I believe the last time was right around when she was 3. My fiancee never bathed with her. WE do bathe with our 8 month old daughter at times to just get it done, but that will probably stop once shes around 1.5. I say as long as you aren't a sicko, bathe however. Thats your preference.

  2. We don't do it in our house, but that is because the shower is often the only place that I get to be alone! Our girls (3&1) bathe together. I even use the bath tub as a baby sitter if I need to do chores upstairs. I put them in a bubble bath and can get some chores done without having them underfoot the whole time. They just think it is fun!

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