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Friday, June 10, 2011

Guest Post By Evelyn Wheeler with Web Designs Your Way

There are plenty of "free" websites out there you can build yourself, but are they effective? Yes, they can look nice, but many do not have the key tools to make your site successful. Your website is the first impression of your company/business when someone visits your site and professionalism is a factor here. Many of the free sites do not have the option to add keywords or meta tags, which are very important factors to your site being found in a search. This is where hiring a web designer is a smart idea. The designer will create the site, add the proper tools which will help you grow your business, and probably spend way less time to get it up and running than if you tried to do it yourself. Not all websites have to cost a fortune with a designer. My husband and I created our company on the basis that we want to help the "small guys". You can get a 3 page site built for as little as $ 149.00 with all the keys to be successful. Please contact us with any questions. Web Designs Your Way., or 720-281-6591. We look forward to hearing from you.!/webdesignsyour

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