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Monday, March 7, 2011

My journey of my life list

My journey of my life list
I recently came across a blog that wrote a post about a bucket list( never seen the movie but I guess I need too). I didn't want to call mine "bucket list". I wanted the list to be " my list".
I have all kinds of things on m list. From small silly things to major things that are important to me. Some things on my list I've already done but want to add them on my journey of life list anyway.
I truly believe everyone should have goals, or a list they want to fulfill I their life. Feel free to comment on my journey. Please if you have a list already or are thinking about writing on please post your website under comments so I can read them. Name your list whatever you want!!!

1.) go to Vegas
2.) go to Cali
3.) go to Hawaii
4.) go to fashion week in NYC
5.) go to London
6.) get a tattoo in memory of my dad
7.) go shark fishing w my hubs
8.) lose weight
9.) get organized ( this is for you mom)
10.) blog 3-5 times a week
11.) take a road trip with no destination
12.) go on a cruise
13.) fly in a plane( scared of heights)
14.) get married( done married my best friend)
15.) have kids(done have 2 boys)
16.) make my blog successful
17.) have my own website
18.) get college degree (maybe when I'm 80)
19.) be debt free!!!! ( a must)
20.) go horse back riding
21.) try one new recipe a month

I will add more when I have time!!

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