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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

kids not sleeping through the night

I'm sure everyone has had a few nights that their kids won't sleep through the night for whatever reason,( sick, nightmares, weather). Well what would you do if you child woke up every night for 1-2hrs a night!

That is what my friend Codey goes through every night. Codey's son Dalton has never slept through the night even as a baby he didn't sleep all night. Dalton's bedtime is 9pm, Codey lays down with him and with alittle help from the famous Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show he will watch that then go to sleep! But as his mom Codey would say not for long he's awake by 12 midnight and is awake anywhere from 1-2hrs a night.

Codey had tired to lay down with him to get him go back to sleep as well as give him a drink of milk..
I asked her if I could post about her for some other mother's inside on this please feel free to comment if you or someone you have has this issue with their kids!!!

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  1. Hi, following from Bloggy Mom.
    I have to tell you, that's a BIG problem. I have similar problems with my boy. He didn't sleep through the night until he was two! We ask for help many times, but nothing the end we think that all the problem was that he doesn't tolerate to feel uncomfortable (wet, hot, cold, some sheets). For him everything has to be perfect. But in my journey of looking for help I found this mom who has the same problems of your friends. Her boy fall asleep early, but he awake during the night (without crying or complaining) just to play and walk around the house for one to two hours during the night. She find out that his body doesn't metabolize correctly the sugar. So, she make him a less sugar and gluten and casein free diet and he got much better. I don't not if this your friends case, but I will recommend a change on diet. They can start to lower the amount of sugar.
    Hope this can help, I know what they are going through