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Monday, February 21, 2011

coupon search

I recently started Couponing hard core. I've always like to save a buck or two here and there. So I decided to see how much I could save in a year using Coupons. The most I've saved on the trip was 130.00.

Being organized is the key to great savings. Here are a few things you should do before you head to the store. Planning your trip by making a list. Look for coupons on your list. Check the sale ad's for your grocery store, only buy products you need / use often & that you have coupons for. If you don't have coupon for an item buy store brand.

My grocery trip is never a fast trip, to save alot of money you have to take your time in the store to make sure your are getting the right product, ex size, brand name ect.

Our Grocery store has meal deals were you buy one or two items and get 4-6 items free!!! Love these! Also they have buy one get one free products.

This week I did a bogo sale. On bread buy bread get bread. I put two of them in the

This weeks trip I only needed a few things like fresh fruit, potatoes and lunch meat. Our store doesnt have coupons for fresh fruit or veggies & meat so we had to pay full price. ( I like to go to the farmers market for theses when I can). I saved 26.00 this trip to store.

A deep freezer is a must when you buy in bulk when items are on sale!!
I know some stores double coupons but ours don't :(

Mom's let me know what kind of tips you have for Saving money on grocery bill!!!

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  1. The list is a must have. My grocery bill was on 96 dollars this week! That includes organic meats, milk, cheeses and eggs.