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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What is a real mom?

What is a real mom?
Every mom's life is different.
From stay at home mom's to working mom's... Single mom's Married mom's...
What mom are you?

I'm wanting to show everyone what a REAL MOM is it's not all glitz & glamor! There are days that my hair is a mess & where there is no makeup in site! Sick kids or sick dogs... Being a mom is a very unpredictable job.
All theses reality shows do not so the true quote unquote real mom. No matter if you have your day planned down to the minute there are days It won't go your way.(I've had a few of theses days lately)!

What got me started on wanting to blog about being a stay at home mom & wanting to try and save more money with coupons is The Krazy Coupon Lady! I was watching Extreme Couponing on TLC the other night and was amazed on how much she saves on in coupons.

I'm challenging my self to Save in 2011, on anything and everything I buy! I challenge you all to do the same!!!!

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