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Monday, January 17, 2011


Living on a budget is what everyone does or well should do! You never know how much money you are spending and on what until you stop and take a look at it! We all have to find ways to cut back, such as cutting coupons,buying things that are on sale, buying thing only when you Have to not just because!

One of my favorite tv mom's is Mrs. Duggar from TLC's 19kids and counting!!! " Buy used save the difference" she knows how to feed, cloth & even buy cars... For a good price!!!

I believe that everyone should help in one way or another. If it's with money, time, advice or even a ear to listen. There are Alot things we can do to help others.

I've noticed recently how many coupons are out there and I never knew how many people used the blog world there are 100 of blogs I've found about coupons! I've also found so many websites to print then off of! (, red plum, smart source)!!!!


  1. Stopping by from Bloggy Moms - My site is FILLED with coupons and deals - come by and visit me @ - I am following you now too!

  2. Just found your site, and love it! I am getting into the coupon clipping scene and looking forward to getting your updates :)

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  4. It's definitely important to save money these days. With all the ridiculous cuts being made here in the UK we are finding it harder to just get by.

    Found you via Bloggy Moms
    CJ xx

  5. Hi! New follower from bloggy moms! :) A budget is SO important!!


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